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Warrior II


I am certified in Vinyasa and Hatha style sessions, but I find that a combination of the two makes for a flowy yet demanding session. I incorporate meditation and pranayama (breathing) to help keep the focus on the breath within ourselves. Whether you're looking for a holistic experience or just a great workout, I am here as a guide to help you through your practice.
Yoga truly is for everyone. There’s so much more to yoga than the asanas (poses). Not everyone looks like the pictures we see of perfect bodies in perfect bendy poses and that’s okay. It’s about where you are right now and loving yourself for it. As I continue my daily practice, I also continue learn to love myself, and I find that being in a perfect pose doesn’t matter. It’s what happens in between the poses, the time and the breath you spend getting to the pose. That’s where the real changes start and some of what I hope to bring to my students; respect and confidence in who they are right now. Be present, breathe and change your outlook on life. 
Each yoga session is customizeable to your body and your needs. Whether you need a fast-paced power class or a resrative stretch and relaxation class, I can design a sequence right for you. With hands-on adjustments and body alignment techniques, your body is supported each step of the way. Each session includes all equipment, music and aromatherapy as desired.
Beginners and experienced yogis alike, discover what your body can do!
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